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Masked: The Musical

This musical I wrote is about a diverse private school in which everyone plays by the rules. They all conform to the way they are supposed to be as people of color. Ava, a black student and Avi, an Indian student fall in love. But they get push back from their families and their school for being together. They must defeat the system that is tearing apart their relationship, and bring everyone together in the process. 

"pUSH me away"

After getting push back from their school and their families, Ava and Avi reach a breaking point in their relationship.

Both "Push Me Away" and "Explain" were featured as part of the Black Writer Showcase at 54 Below


Anya, Avi's ex-girlfriend, questions what it means to be Indian-American. And she defends the path that she is choosing to take.

"Masked: The Musical"  had a staged reading at Theatre 71 in January 2023. It was part of the New Works Festival with the Milky Way Theatre Company

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