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Masked: The Musical

Masked is a vibrant new musical where cultures collide and love conquers all. We follow the heartwarming story of Ava, a strong-willed Caribbean girl, and Avi, a rebellious yet charming Indian boy, navigating the highs and lows of young love in an elite private high school. Set against the backdrop of cultural expectations, they must defy societal norms and stereotypes to find acceptance and understanding. There is no box that is too small. This new original work puts a kaleidoscope on how diversity, resilience, and love transcends boundaries.


Anya, Avi's ex-girlfriend, challenges Avi and defends the path that she is choosing to take.

Watch the 54 Below concert

Tianna at the 54 Below Concert

"PUSH me away"

After getting push back from their school and their families, Ava and Avi reach a breaking point in their relationship.

Masked The Musical - Show Art.jpg

Masked: The Musical was presented at 54 Below in June of 2024. It previously had a staged reading at Theatre 71 in January of 2023.

"play the big drum"

Ava's Mom takes us to the islands with a soca-infused song and encourages Ava to accept that being different is a superpower.

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